Taking and preparing samples

The correct taking of representative samples from a material has a major importance over the material’s quality assessment. A taken sample must be representative for a batch of product, so that the results of the tests performed should correctly reflect the overall quality of said product. ROMCONTROL inspectors have the experience and are qualified from the point of view of using standardized methods of taking samples, regardless of whether we are dealing with agricultural products, coals, coke, metal products, chemical or petroleum products, etc.

Thus, we provide our customers with relevant results for the quality of the product, through a correct (manual or mechanical) sampling and through an adequate preparation of the sample before analyses. Function of the product’s nature, a sample is wrapped solidly and tightly so that it should maintain the characteristics of the original product. Each sample is labeled and sealed, so that the seal cannot be replaced, and the sample cannot be tampered with. The original samples are sent to laboratories for analysis, and their duplicates are made available to customers and to the other parties involved, a set of samples being always kept by ROMCONTROL in case of litigation. The transport of samples is made in safety and without affecting the original condition of the material that they were taken from.

In the laboratory, the samples are prepared prior to performing the specific determination. The preparation of samples in the laboratory is made by using adequate equipment (mills, bolters, drying ovens, etc.) to provide the granulation and moisture characteristics, necessary for each ordered set of analyses.