Quality inspection

The quality of purchased products/ goods is the decisive factor in establishing the success of any contract you sign. Correct information on the state of products, constant verifications during transport or within the warehousing environment, all these demands are encountered more and more often, regardless of industry.

ROMCONTROL offers quality inspection services for a wide range of products/ goods, means of transportation, etc. Our inspection results are grouped in its ROMCONTROL “Inspection Certificate”, an original document, acknowledged by the banking system and insurance companies as a payment document, and by courts of law, as a reference document for solving litigations.

Our quality inspection services are grouped as follows:

  • Inspecting the state of the means of transportation, insuring the goods during transportation and monitoring operating times at loading and unloading
    • Inspecting the means of transportation at loading (inspecting barns, river and land means of transportation, inspecting tightness of barge and ship barn lids)
    • Inspecting the securing of goods on “flat-rack” and “open-top” type containers
    • Recording the operating times through assistance at the unloading of river and sea means of transportation
  • Quality inspection of goods
    • The state of the goods before, during and after loading/ unloading from the means of transportation, through visual control
    • Taking-preparing samples for performing specific laboratory analyses for each type of material or product
    • The analysis of samples taken or provided by customers, in our own laboratories or in partner accredited laboratories
    • Assistance at running of analyses in the customer’s laboratories
    • Establishing the radioactivity level of ferrous and non-ferrous waste found in stacks and upon loading onto land, river or sea means of transportation.
    • Controlling the presence of materials or bodies with an explosive potential, upon loading onto land, river or sea means of transportation.
    • Customs expertise, with the identification of the product through visual control and performance of laboratory analyses, providing sufficient clues for the product’s classification by the customs authority
    • Assessing damages to goods during land, river or sea transport
  • Inspection and expediting in the manufacturer’s production facility, based on an inspection plan made available by the beneficiary
    • Participating in the Pre-Inspection Meeting, alongside the manufacturer, contracting party and beneficiary, for raising awareness in relation to the requirements of product inspection
    • Controlling the manufacturing process by production phases, according to the Inspection and Testing Plan (I&TP), starting from the raw material control and up to the final phases of product marking, wrapping and consignment, by checking documents (RW), by monitoring the activities in the quality plan (Monitoring) and by assisting the performance of tests (Witness or Hold) as per the I&TP provisions.
    • Expediting throughout the production process, by informing the beneficiary of the state of design, supply, production, inspection, and by warning it with regards to the narrow points and upon occurrence of the delay risk for the contractual term of delivery.