Petrochemical and chemical products

Petrochemical and chemical products

ROMCONTROL has a long experience in carrying out inspections for petrochemical and chemical products, both in Romania, and abroad. Our services are available everywhere in Romania, through our 20 divisions and territorial units. We are present 24/7 in terminals, river or sea ports, chemical plants, refineries, warehouses, border or internal customs offices, at loading or unloading of products. We are also present abroad, according to the national or international referential requested by our customers.

We provide quality and quantity inspection services for a wide range of products, including:

  • ETBE, MTBE, FAME, ethanol, petroleum coke, petroleum sulphur, acetone etc.
  • Polypropylene, ortoxylene, DOP
  • Caustic soda, wash or flakes
  • Urea, Urean

Quantity inspection

The accurate and precise determination of the amount of loaded, unloaded or transshipped goods can make the difference between an advantageous contract and substantial financial loss. Maintaining their independence as neutral inspectors, our specialists perform the quantity control of petroleum products, by using metrologically-verified equipment (own equipment or third-party equipment) and by working at internationally-acknowledged standards.

 The range of quantity services consists of:

  • Assistance at empty/full, full/empty weighing (wagon or car), performing volumetric measurements and calculations for wagons, cars, tanks/ warehouses (for building materials)
  • Volumetric measurements and calculations for tanks and pipes in terminals/ land warehouses, as well as ullage or draft survey for the ship/barge tanks/bins.
  • Tallying of individual packing units (sacks)
  • Quantity monitoring of deliveries/ receipts, including the quantity determination of stocks
  • Issuing “Quantity Certificates” (including ullage, draft-survey, stocks) for the inspected batch

Function of customers’ needs, ROMCONTROL can also provide additional inspections to increase the precision of quantity determinations through inspecting the technical state (integrality) and commercial state (emptying, the existence and efficiency of sealing systems and of applied seals) of the means of transportation upon sending or receiving.

Quality inspection

The ROMCONTROL quality inspection services are made with specialized instruments and equipment, and observe the international norms in the field. Whether services of quality inspection upon the delivery, reception or transit of petrochemical and chemical products, the results of our inspections provide the accurate and correct information regarding the state of the goods.

Our quality inspection services include:

  • Checking the state of cleanliness and the adequacy/ inadequacy for loading of the means of transportation, prior to loading, including its preparation (“make up”) for loading.
  • Checking the observance of the loading (stacking) scheme of sacks in wagons or containers
  • Checking the marking of products packaged in individual units
  • Assistance during loading/ unloading/ transit, checking the preservation of the quality integrity of the batch
  • Taking samples, during warehousing and/or during loading; preparing and creating the average representative samples/ batch (the samples are adequately sealed and labeled for sole identification: laboratory sample, check test – kept by ROMCONTROL, and the control sample – available to the authorizing party)
  • Performing the tests requested by the authorizing party in our own laboratories or by sub-contracting in accredited laboratories
  • Assistance by experienced personnel in laboratories of terminals, of the manufacturer or in another laboratory notified by the authorizing party, by checking the performance of tests according to the method requested by the customer
  • Issuing “Quality Certificates”, with the results of laboratory tests