Pre-loading inspection

       In order to provide the recipient companies with the assurance that the goods observe the quality standards agreed by contract, before loading the goods of any type, their inspection is necessary.  ROMCONTROL provides pre-loading inspection services for any type of goods, in order to check the details on the quantities, quality, as well as the packaging and marking requirements.

The results of pre-loading inspections are included in inspection reports, issued to customers and being their guarantee that the loaded goods observe the contractual provisions signed with their partners.

Pre-shipment inspection operations are normally carried out at the manufacturer’s main offices or at warehouses, and they consist of:

  • The visual examination of the products to check their aspect and original characteristics
  • Checking the quantity according to the delivery documents, such as bills of parcel, credit letters, pro forma invoices, etc.
  • Checking the quality of goods by taking samples and by performing specific laboratory analyses, when applicable
  • Reviewing the quality certificates issued by the manufacturer that comes with the goods.
  • Inspecting the packaging to ensure that it corresponds to the chosen means of transportation
  • Checking the export markings for conformity to the contractual requirements