Metal products and waste metal

Metal products and waste metal

With our quality and quantity inspection services, as well as laboratory testing for the field of metals and of ferrous and non-ferrous waste, ROMCONTROL is a long-term partner for the large steel producers and traders of waste metal in Romania.

We provide inspection services at international standards for the following products and categories of waste:

  • Cast iron and steel products: raw materials, semi-finished or finished products
  • Non-ferrous products: raw materials, semi-finished or finished products
  • Waste metal: ferrous and non-ferrous.

Quantity inspection

Within the category of quantity inspection, ROMCONTROL provides:

  • Assistance at weighing land means of transportation (trucks, containers, rail wagons), with prior checking of the validity of operating standards bulletin of the weighing equipment used.
  • Establishing the mass of river and sea transport units (barges, flat boats, ships), by draught survey.
  • Tally service for individual or packaged products
  • Volumetric measurements of bulk (stacked) materials, using traditional methods or topographic methods, including the determination of specific weight for bulk material
  • Merchandise inspection before loading on land or river-borne and sea-borne means of transportation

Quality inspection

The range of quality inspection services includes:

  • Inspecting the state of the goods before loading/ during and after unloading to/from the means of transportation, by visual control
  • Sampling-preparing samples for specific laboratory analyses for each type of product or waste metal
  • Analysis of samples taken or provided by customers, in our own laboratories or in partnership with other accredited laboratories
  • Assistance at running of analyses in the customer’s laboratory
  • Checking the falling into the dimensional and provenience class, through visual inspection, measurements and laboratory analyses, for ferrous and non-ferrous waste
  • Monitoring/ determining the level of radioactivity for metal products and/or ferrous and non-ferrous waste which are stacked or upon their loading to land or river-borne and sea-borne means of transportation
  • Controlling the presence of materials or bodies with an explosive potential before loading metal waste into the means of transportation
  • Customs expertise with identifying metal products through visual control, through measurements and by carrying out specific laboratory tests, resulting in sufficient clues for the tariff classification by the competent customs authority

Laboratory testing

The laboratory tests performed by ROMCONTROL offer you exact information in the quality of metal products and waste, which can help you with establishing the final contractual requirements. The results of the tests carried out in ROMCONTROL’s accredited laboratories and/or in independent accredited partner laboratories, are found in the quality certificates we issue.

The applicability of the laboratory analyses includes:

  • Determining the chemical composition through wet assays and/or spectral analysis of the products and waste metal
  • The analysis of metal products’ macrostructure
  • The analysis of metal products’ microstructure
  • Determining the physico-mechanical properties of metal products, such as: traction, hardness, resilience, etc.
  • Other characteristics specific for the various types of material, according to the product standards and by using standardized methods of determination and analysis.