Light industry products and building materials

Light industry products and building materials

ROMCONTROL provides inspection services for light industry products and building materials, anywhere in Romania or abroad, according to the national or international referential requested by the authorizing party. We are present 24/7 at a national level, through our 20 divisions and territorial units: in terminals and river or sea ports, warehouses, border or internal customs offices, at loading or unloading, etc.

The main categories of inspected products are:

  • Light industry products:
    • Raw materials: cotton, wool, leather, etc.
    • Finished products: clothing, footwear, ceramic and glass products, etc.
  • Building materials: cement, bitumen, gravel, sand, etc.

Quantity inspection

The accurate and precise determination of the amount of loaded, unloaded or transshipped goods can make the difference between an advantageous contract and substantial financial loss. Maintaining their independence as neutral inspectors, our specialists perform the quantity control of petroleum products, by using metrologically-verified equipment (own equipment or third-party equipment) and by working at internationally-acknowledged standards.

The range of quantity inspection services includes:

  • Assistance at empty/full, full/empty weighing or volumetric analysis (bulk solid building materials)
  • Tallying of packing units (pallets, crates, boxes) and sampling of their contents
  • Quantity monitoring of deliveries/ receipts, including the quantity determination of stocks
  • Issuing a “Quantity Certificates” (including draft-survey, stocks) for the inspected batch

Quality inspection

The services of quality inspection provided by ROMCONTROL provide exact information on the quality of products and goods, being carried out by qualified personnel, at international norms.

Our range of quality inspection services includes:

  • Checking the state of cleanliness and the adequacy/ inadequacy for loading of the means of transportation, prior to loading
  • Taking samples, during storage or/ and during unloading/ loading. The samples are adequately sealed and labeled for unique identification: laboratory sample, check test – kept by ROMCONTROL, and the control sample – available to the authorizing party
  • Visual checking of the quality and color of the raw material:
  • Checking the shape and manufacturing according to the reference sample
  • Checking finishing and dimensions
  • Checking product labeling
  • Performing the tests requested by the authorizing party in our own laboratories or by sub-contracting in accredited laboratories. On demand, these can also be performed by direct assistance in the manufacturer’s laboratory or in another laboratory, by checking the performance of trials as per the requested method
  • Issuing “Quality Certificates”, with the results of laboratory tests.