Inspection for guaranteeing loans or for state institutions

The inspection for guaranteeing bank loans or for state institutions has arisen from the Romanian companies’ need to use quantity and/ or quality warranty certificates for the products/ raw materials in case of loans.

ROMCONTROL provides specific services for the guaranteeing of bank loans and not only, using its experience to determine stocks – quantity assessment (inventory, monitoring goods’ movement) and/or quality assessment of the raw materials/ semi-finished goods/ Finished products, for one of the following situations:

  • upon the request of a crediting Bank
  • upon the request of a Loan Beneficiary
  • upon the request of a Bank with written agreement of the Loan Beneficiary
  • upon the request of an Account party, for reporting to state institutions

The results of our quality and/or quantity inspections are documents that can be used as payment documents in the financial (banking and insurance) system, when taking up loans, for specific monitoring of taken loans, for reporting to state institutions (e.g. minimum safety stocks), etc.

The quality inspection consists of the following activities:

  • Preliminary inspection:
    • Identifying stocks (location, storage method and conditions, types)
    • Document checks regarding the property rights, stock creation and movements, based on the records provided by the depository: purchasing period, sampling of raw materials entries (documents: NIR-AE-PV creation of stocks, etc.), establishing the creation date for the stocks, ownership of the stock, etc.
  • Actual quantity inspection:
  • Volumetric draft survey/ ullage measurements and determinations for stocks on ships
  • Volumetric measurements and determinations in the case of land locations: warehouses, tanks
  • Counting for packaged products

ROMCONTROL can also provide stock monitoring services, for a definite period of time, function of our customers’ requests.

The results of our quantity inspection are included in:”certificates of Quantity” and “Inventory Reports”

Quality inspection

Our quality inspection services are performed by sampling from the inspected stocks of products and issuing the results as product/ raw materials quality certificates.