Inspection for agriculture loans

        1. General data related to the stock monitoring activity.

The ROMCONTROL intervention for the determination of surplus stocks – quantity and/or quality assessment – can be done:

  • upon the request of a Bank
  • upon the request of a Loan Beneficiary
  • upon the request of a Bank with written agreement of the Loan Beneficiary

ROMCONTROL acts on the grounds of a standard contract (with two or three parties), or following orders requested by banks or loan beneficiaries, where the necessary operations to be performed are stipulated, as well as the terms and conditions for stock evaluation, etc.

The ROMCONTROL inspection of stocks is ended by issuing:

  • Stock control and assessment certificates
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Inventory Certificates
  • Stock quality certificates, etc.

attesting to the quantity and quality of stored goods.

The documents issued are used for stock exchange transactions, as payment document in the financial, banking and insurance system, for taking up loans, for specific monitoring of taken loans, etc.

2. General data on pledging plant products and agricultural productions

ROMCONTROL is agreed in Plant Products Evaluations for obtaining bank loans. The working procedure and the Final Documents observe the overall flow of agricultural stocks’ monitoring and they refer to:

–  founding crops

–  monitoring crops from founding to harvesting

–  assessing vegetal crops and productions before harvesting

Specific details regarding: identifying the cadastral areas where the declared crops were founded, the crops’ evolution and state in their various states of development, are made based on specific internal procedures, ultimately monitoring the state of the crop before the harvesting production assessment.

With vegetal crops founded after the Certification of Crop Foundation, we monitor the evolution of the respective crop, during its vegetation, and we close the operation by the assessment of the production upon completion of vegetation and before harvesting.

We issue Certificates assessing the vegetation state of the respective crop, and Certificates assessing the monitored vegetal productions.

ROMCONTROL has a rich and long collaboration with the following banks: