Inspection of stocks of raw materials, materials, finished goods

ROMCONTROL holds a wide experience in the inspection through physical checking of the stocks of raw materials, materials and finished products, belonging to companies from various fields. The necessity of this type of specific inspection may occur in at least two situations:

  1. When the company is looking for financing for the production and/or investments and it needs to guarantee the loan to the financer, by its own stocks
  2. When the company wishes the physical checking of its own stocks for the purposes of the accounting auditing

When checking stocks pledged to banks, the credit beneficiary creates a statement with the stocks by which it intends to secure the loan, and ROMCONTROL checks the physical existence of the declared stocks, then issuing the Certificate of Control and Findings of Stock Standing.

When physically checking the stocks for the accounting auditing, the ROMCONTROL inspectors perform the stock checking by inventories, based on the inventory lists provided by the customer. Following these checks, the inspection certificate is issued for each inventory and/or sections, production units, warehouses, etc.

Within the operations of physical checking, ROMCONTROL inspectors use specific methods, such as: visual inspection, tally service, assistance at weighing, cubage, etc.

The following stocks may make the object of the physical assessment by the ROMCONTROL inspectors, in both working variants (1 and 2):

  • Stocks from the manufacturing process
    • Raw materials
    • Semi-finished goods
    • Unfinished production
    • Auxiliary materials
    • Finished products
    • Stocks of materials stored with third parties or found in transit
      • Materials, products and equipment found in third parties’ storage facilities
      • Materials, products and equipment found in transit (in ports, on the railroad, etc.)