Quantity Inspection

When the amount of products/ goods that make the object of a purchase contract is the focus, the correctness and accuracy of information are vital for signing on trustworthy partnerships.

ROMCONTROL’s quantity inspection services provide the certification of the amount of loaded, unloaded or racked goods, and they can be applied to any bulk or sack-packaged product, whether cereals, food products, coal, coke, oil or other goods in a liquid state.

Our range of quantity inspection services includes:

– Assistance with weighing land means of transportation (trucks, wagons) or volumetric quantity determinations

– Tally service for the loading or unloading products from containers and/or land, river-borne or sea-borne means of transportation

– Quantity determinations (draft-survey, ullage) of river and sea-borne means of transportation (barges, flat boats, ships)

– Determining the amount of material in bunkers or stacks on land by volumetric measurements (cubage)

– Checking stocks of raw materials, semi-finished, auxiliary materials, unfinished production, finished goods, etc., pledged to banks in order to finance the activity by taking up loans.