In-process, final inspection and expediting

The decision to buy or ordering certain products is often influenced not only by the quality of the final product, but also information about the producer, how production and production stages from compliance to quality raw materials

ROMCONTROL  offers expediting services to help customers to track the design, manufacture and supply of a product or equipment. You can be informed in time about the production schedule compliance and contractual terms of the manufacturer/supplier or about possible delays in delivery deadlines. With the manufacture and inspection services Expediting you will receive periodic reports that include including regular assessments of the supplier in terms of compliance with procedures and the seriousness of the approach of the order.

ROMCONTROL can perform the inspection of manufacturing services from level 1 to level 4 and can cover all control activities in accordance with the Plan of Inspection and Testing (I & TP) for the order / project. This category of services includes:

  • Monitoring (M)
  • Check documentation (RW)
  • Assistance testing (W)
  • Assistance at key points of manufacture (H)

Types of inspections carried out are: inspection in the workshop, in process inspection, assistance in conducting performance tests, completeness inspection, packing and marking of equipment before delivery, assistance with loading equipment on vehicles.

The usual checks are performed during inspections:

  • Control of raw materials used in the trial
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Controlling the dimensions and tolerances in the mechanical processing
  • Assembly control
  • Welding control
  • Assistance in operation and precision tests
  • Control of electrical equipment
  • Assistance pressure testing
  • Assistance in making Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Control painting
  • Control packaging, marking and expedition