Damage assessment

Damage assessment

Upon the request from our internal/ external partners, ROMCONTROL performs damage inspections for goods and/or means of transportation.

There are cases when the goods (frozen products, fruit, vegetables, cereals, medicines, plastics, tools, electrical equipment, etc.) or the means of transportation (trucks, containers, etc.) are affected/ damaged during transport.

ROMCONTROL performs inspections for:

– damaged goods and means of transportation involved in traffic accidents;

– perishables that have suffered depreciations due to failures to observe the temperature conditions during transport/ warehousing;

– products that have suffered damages due to improper packaging/ loading/ securing;

– goods that, upon reception/ unloading, do not correspond to the quantity or quality contractual conditions.

ROMCONTROL inspectors make the damage inspection report and they assess the extent of the damage, its cause, they assist at the goods’ transshipment and sorting, so that the occurred losses are limited/ minimized.

The results of our inspections are used by insurance/ shipment/ consignment companies for damage assessment for claiming purposes.