Coals, coke and ores

Coals, coke and ores

Having a long experience in this industry, ROMCONTROL offers specialized inspection and testing services for companies that use coals and/or ore during the process of producing energy, or for companies involved in trading such products.Additionally, we also provide inspection and testing services for companies in the metallurgical industry, using various ores during their manufacturing process.

Quantity inspection

Our quantity inspection services include:

  • Assistance at weighing land means of transportation with prior checking of the validity of operating standards bulletins for the weighing equipment used.
  • Determining the amount of goods loaded unto river- or sea-borne transport units, by draught survey
  • Volumetric measurements of stacks of coal, coke and ores, through topographic methods, including determining the bulk density of such materials

Quality inspection

The range of quality services consists of:

  • Assistance during the loading of goods, unloading at mines, transshipment in terminals, in river and sea ports, in production units, etc.
  • Inspecting the degree of cleanliness of bins, wagons or warehouses
  • Assessing the contamination of the load with foreign bodies/ substances
  • Sampling from heaps, from conveyor belts, wagons, ship bins, etc.

Laboratory testing

ROMCONTROL also offers you laboratory testing services, providing you with trustworthy information related to the quality of coals, coke, ore and of other bulk products, information which may be used to establish final contractual requirements.

The results of the tests carried out in ROMCONTROL’s accredited laboratories and/or in independent accredited partner laboratories, are found in the quality certificates we issue.

Laboratory testing services include:

  • Preparing coal, coke and ore samples for carrying out laboratory tests
  • Testing services in our own, accredited ROMCONTROL laboratories and/or in accredited partner laboratories
  • Assistance in customers’ laboratories for the performance of specific laboratory tests
  • Safekeeping samples
  • Consultancy in interpreting the results of analyses

The applicability of the laboratory analyses:

Coals and cokes:

  • Ash
  • Moisture
  • Calorific power
  • Volatile matter content
  • Carbon content
  • Chloride content
  • Expansion
  • Free-swelling index
  • Hygroscopic moisture content
  • Alkalis
  • Phosphorus content
  • Sulfur content
  • Silica content
  • Others


  • Chemical composition: Fe, SiO2, Al2O3, P, S, MnO, MgO, LOI, CaO, ZnO, alkalis etc.