ROMCONTROL is a trusted partner for the agricultural industry, providing quality/ quantity inspection services and laboratory analysis within the specific parameters for agricultural products, thus providing our partners with the specific documents for the requested/ performed inspection type.

Our services include the inspection of raw material and agricultural products, such as:

  • Seeds for seeding and propagating material
  • Seeds for consumption:
    • agricultural seeds: cereals (wheat, maize, barley, two-row barley, oat, rye), legumes, oil-bearing plants (flax, rape, soy, sunflower)
    • seeds for food consumption (rye, rice, peas, beans, maize)
    • seeds for industrial purposes (wheat, maize, barley, two-row barley)
    • seeds for feed (barley, oat, peas, maize, wheat)
  • Fodders: feeds, groats, flours, mixed fodders (extraction residues, mixed feeds)
  • Vegetables, fruits, flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Animals: bovines, sheep, goats, poultry, swine, and animal products
  • Non-edible (wax, wool) and edible (eggs, honey) animal products
  • Industrial cropstobacco, textile plants (flax, hemp), oil-bearing plants, sugar beet

Inspections are carried out by specialized personnel, by various methods, using metrologically certified equipment and specific procedures, according to domain-specific international norms.

Quantity inspection

The quantity of products being prepared for sale by providers or being sold is an essential factor in contracts between partners.Hence the issue of quantity assessment is of a major importance and is being monitored in real time both for national contracts, and for international trading activities.

ROMCONTROL provides quality inspections throughout the duration of loading/unloading sold products and regarding those being prepared for sale by providers.

ROMCONTROL establishes the quantity and/or the weight throughout handling (tally operations, weighing assistance with metrologically calibrated and checked scales, draft survey for ships, barges, flat boats, ullage measurements for ships, etc.) or from warehouses (through volume-based calculations or weighing).The results of the ROMCONTROL findings are stipulated in Certificates of Quantity, Weighing and Draft etc.

Quality inspection

The quality of products is a direct condition for their pricing, and is of the outmost importance in all commercial contracts.The main product-identifying parameters, stated in all contractual specifications and strictly regulated in international standards and norms, are to a good extent the motivation for the responsibility of ROMCONTROL’s involvement in the field of quality.

ROMCONTROL provides the quality inspection of bulk raw materials and agricultural products, pre-packaged and packaged, found in warehouses or during handling (loading/unloading), in / and from means of transportation: auto, wagons, river-borne (barges, flat boats), sea-borne – ships and air-borne, in domestic and worldwide locations. ROMCONTROL performs the checking of the state of the merchandise, of the warehousing/ storage conditions and of the pre-loading hygiene of the means of transportation (auto, wagons, barges, ships).

Additionally, ROMCONTROL provides permanency during operations – handling, according to contractual requirements and international norms, it samples the batches of raw materials and agricultural products throughout the operations/handling or performs sampling from warehousing spaces according to internal and international standards, as well as to FOSFA, GAFTA regulations. ROMCONTROL is a FOSFA and GAFTA Superintendent.

Our inspectors perform Visual – Organoleptic Examinations, specific to products, and analyze taken average, composite/representative samples, in our own, RENAR, FOSFA and GAFTA – accredited laboratories. ROMCONTROL is a FOSFA and GAFTA Analyst.

The inspection results are stipulated in Merchandise Status Certificates, Batch/ Shipment (ship, barge, etc.) Quality Certificates, Certificates of Analysis acknowledged by the parties and observing internal and/or international norms (GAFTA, FOSFA).

Laboratory analyses

ROMCONTROL performs laboratory analyses on average, composite/ representative samples, taken by our specialized department of inspectors and endowed with their own sampling equipment.

The specific analyses of agricultural raw materials and agricultural products are performed in our own RENAR, FOSFA and GAFTA-accredited laboratories, as well as in sub-contracted, accredited laboratories, under our direct supervision.

Main analyses:

1. Organoleptic and physico-chemical analyses

Covering, function of product, organoleptic tests, determinations of moisture, impurities, hectolitre weight, kjeldhal protein, infestation, acidity, oil content, alkalinity, fats, sugar, lactose, starch, ashes, fiber, dry substance, etc.

Main parameters for a few products:

  • Cereals – wheat: moisture, impurities (foreign bodies), gluten, deformation rate, hectolitre weight, falling number index, kjeldhal protein, alveogram, infestation, acidity
  • Groats: moisture, fiber – cellulose, protein, fat, ashes, silicon
  • Meat meal: aspect, color, odor, moisture, crude protein, ethyl ether extractable matter, fat acidity index, easily hydrolysable nitrogen, granulation
  • Groats, fodders: water and volatile substances, crude protein, ash insoluble in HCl, impurities
  • Soy groats: moisture, protein, fat, ash, silicon, ureasic activity

2. Microbiological analyses

These analyses refer to the following determinations: Coliform bacteria, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, coagulase positive Staphylococcus, Bacillus Cereus, total number of aerobes mesophilic germs, sulphite-reducing bacteria, yeasts and molds, etc.

3. Analyses to determine contaminants

This type of analyses contains the determination of contamination with: heavy metals (cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic, selenium, zinc, copper).